Personal Taxation

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Starting at $99 we offer a full range of service for individuals lodging their annual tax return. When we prepare your return we ensure you obtain the best possible tax outcome meaning more money back into your pocket. We generally lodge your return the day you come in and obtain refunds within 14 days of Lodgment, often much sooner. We also include a free finance check on current home loans or a 30 minute business appraisal if requested at time of making an appointment.

Whilst we are able to obtain some of your information from ATO online systems we recommend you provide the following information where applicable.

What to Provide

  • Group Certificates/P.A.Y.G Summaries
  • Social security, pension, allowance statements
  • Bank and Investment Interest Statements
  • Dividend/ Distribution statements
  • Any other Investment Documentation (i.e. Rental Property, etc)*
  • Employment income deductions (i.e. car, travel, laundry, meals, uniform, union etc)
  • Private Health Insurance Details
  • Information regarding Children (Also if they earn any income – Trusts etc)
  • Investment related deductions (interest, fees on borrowing, agent fees, rates etc)

*Real Estate Agents Annual Statement, Expenses not on Agents Statement